Feed the World #SS4C

As Aotearoa New Zealand prepares for next climate strike, ever-building upon the last, the lack of leadership answers is stark. Save Our Water engagement, going back 12 years, faces head-on government party corruption and democratic disruption in this debate. So no answers from there. We of Community Voice are in the current local elections, to bring sanity and emissions direction where there is increasing none of merit to be found.

Report: we have to change how we eat and grow food to fight climate change “Forestry and farming can both worsen and relieve the climate crisis, a panel of UN scientists says. But time is running out to act.” – 8 Aug 2019 of Climate Change and Land – “An IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems.” – Wisest mitigation proposals are what Community Voice must bring forward, NOW.

Hans-Otto Pörtner, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II: “Land already in use could feed the world in a changing climate and provide biomass for renewable energy, but early, far-reaching action across several areas is required” he said. “Also for the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity.” quote

The low integrity of party political hacks doing ‘business as usual’, just enhancing prestige, is #1 obstacle to arresting climate change – with our children and for future generations. We have to calmly, dispassionately dispense with false loyalties – to mammon and its prophets – to start moving through the very material changes human civilisation so urgently needs to make. To survive the building climate crisis of seriously negative effects.

Screenshot at 2019-09-26 14-17-09-crop

Agriculture-sourced nitrate levels in surface and ground water imperil biodiversity and healthy home supply. As traditional farming struggles, there is a sustainable way forward for these family businesses, with alternative plant-based food and energy crops – capturing bulk carbon for the climate mitigation market that Community Voice proposes to begin. We are not convinced the limited plastic reduction measures so far will suffice and would like to improve upon them.

Writing is on the wall. It says: Fonterra posts $605m net loss in annual results + Climate change report underlines sea level rise threat RNZ + Friday’s climate strike will be the biggest yet, organisers say – Stuff, 26 Sep 2019

Kia ora. Waiora.

[Page draft – more detail to come…]

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