Clean water environs

Our quality of life depends on natural resources we must care for collaboratively. Biodiversity and future promise depends on all this. Industrial pressure on aquifer and river water has reached a point where they compete with urban values in Christchurch. What we draw freely from taps, of very high grade, is finite. Sewage overflows are…

Diversity on Council

Christchurch is rich in cultural diversity and this is an increasing trend. Migration, especially of rebuild workers, continues as it has for centuries – our mix of peoples is our strength. Tangata whenua came first and will always hold that place of respect. The city authorities need to reflect the great mix of wonderful people…

Community resilience

Christchurch homes and communities have been through so much in the past six years, we have learnt to be prepared – as best we are able to under the circumstances. Community Voice promotes preparedness these ways: * Household emergency plans – know how to find each other easily and maintain basic supplies for at least…

Princess Margaret Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital closing is massive change for south Christchurch – a wide range of services and employment will be lost to the area, most moving east to Burwood Hospital. So what of this cherished landmark’s future in the community? Community Voice wants to see maximum possible south-city health service retention, especially in elder care….

2016 campaign site launch

Hi, this is where you can see community views we have heard and Community Voice policy and candidates to put bright ideas forward. More info to come. Feedback welcome. Kia ora, Talofa, Welcome! Contact: +64 03-332-1069