Clean water environs

Our quality of life depends on natural resources we must care for collaboratively. Biodiversity and future promise depends on all this.

Industrial pressure on aquifer and river water has reached a point where they compete with urban values in Christchurch. What we draw freely from taps, of very high grade, is finite.

Sewage overflows are reducing with infrastructure upgrades but city sprawl and farming change transform the catchments. Trace toxicity comes from roofs and roads where asbestos, metals and compounds enter stormwater. There is no quick fix for the Opawaho-Heathcote and Otakaro-Avon rivers, while tributary streams are running low: climate change and irrigation draw pincer these.

To unpack this clutch of challenges takes focus, dedication and new ideas, that Community Voice will bring to the Council table.

In general we have wonderful city and regional environs to enjoy and be proud of but it’s a constant battle against these slipping away.

Join us, get more involved, to actively save our water and environmental values for the generations ahead.

– “Rik Tindall, a former Environment Canterbury councillor, has formed the Community Voice group… would campaign on environment and water quality issues”

Wai ora!


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