Local elections 2016

This was the Candidates page content, from Aug-Oct 2016 (Archive).

CommunityVoice.nz Ōtautahi Christchurch –

Silenced communities of Christchurch gain candidates to contest representative seats:

Spreydon ward Community Board

Cathy White - Spreydon Community Board candidate 2016
Cathy White – Spreydon Community Board candidate 2016

A mother, trained in law and an experienced civil servant, I live in Addington.

A volunteer with Catholic Worker, I stand for social justice.

Homelessness and poverty concern me. Street begging is making unacceptable levels of injustice more visible. I wish to see affordable housing for all. It should be a human right.

I campaign for council housing upgrades and for better treatment of tenants.

I promote the protection of historic suburbs like Addington, Sydenham and Waltham – these should not be divided up across new council ward boundaries.

Spreydon, Addington, Hillmorton and Hoon Hay communities need a strong voice.

I greatly appreciate your vote of support for these principles. Thank you.

– Catherine White

For more information see: Keep housing affordable.
To assist Cath’s campaign please contact her at 338-5655 or cathmissy@outlook.com

Environment Canterbury

CV billboard flier RikT Aug2016
CV billboard flier RikT Aug2016

One place on Environment Canterbury regional council – to uphold clean water and air, effective public transport, pest and hazard reduction with sustainable prosperity for all.

– Rik Tindall

For more information see: Water quality priority.

(Community Voice campaign phase 2)

Earlier, Community Voice phase 1 campaign looked like this:

Image source: issuu.com/the.star/docs/116208ob

Spreydon ward

Addington, Middleton, Hillmorton, Hoon Hay, Spreydon, Barrington

Patricia Siataga – (now a CV-endorsed Independent candidate)
Raised and nurtured in Spreydon by the communities of West Spreydon School, South Intermediate and Hagley High School. I’ve had a career of service in education, social services, community and economic development.
I still live in the Barrington neighbourhood where my family thrived and best friends and memories were made.
‘Leading through service’ is a deeply engrained philosophy of my Pacific and Christian upbringing and I’m ready to serve the community that has given so much to me.
My three main focus areas are:

  • Pacific – Enhancing connections and activity between Pacific and mainstream initiatives.
  • Youth – Empowering youth to achieve their true potential.
  • Education – Ensuring that our educational and community activities align with the aspirations of our young people.

I will listen and encourage community engagement to ensure well informed decision making to ensure the most positive impactful outcomes are achieved.
Contact me on 0274455244 or ps@cathcollege.school.nz

Cashmere  ward

St Martins, Huntsbury, Beckenham, Somerfield, Cashmere, Cracroft

Rik Tindall
Kia ora. Over five years’ service with the Cashmere Residents’ Association, and four and a half as chair, have taught me the importance of communities working together to achieve greater good. Community groups add voluntary project value like nothing else can, to reach isolated and marginalised citizens, but the contribution is generally under-appreciated. I am running for Council to see more support for community groups and resident initiatives to engage with local decision-making. Diverse and authentic representation is a must for new ideas and better decisions to surface. Share your views:
Contact me on 0274060077 or rik@infohelp.co.nz

Information and graphic source:  ccc.govt.nz/elections

Other wards

Candidates sought

Finding candidates to represent communities in south Christchurch struck an enormous obstacle: a deep-seated, monolithic monopoly of speaking and election opportunity, to perpetuate itself at local level. The search is not over.

Kia ora

10 August 2016

(Community Voice campaign phase 1 – End)


Community Voice billboard draft 11Aug2016
Community Voice billboard draft 11Aug2016

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