More NZ democracy needed

“The quality of mercy is not strained”, though the quality of New Zealand democracy is. (William Shakespeare)

Uproar has beset Australian democracy this year, over questions of nationhood. Who is it that decides for the nation? Australia is unequivocal – only Australians can. New Zealand descendants are among the nationals recently evicted from Australia’s parliament.

Which begs the question: Why should Australian nationals have better democratic rights in New Zealand than they confer? Or any other dual-nationals here?

What’s good for Australia should probably be good enough for New Zealand.
– A useful 2004 research paper on this deep disparity: “Disqualification Provisions for New Zealand Members of Parliament”

Facts of New Zealand citizenship:

New Zealand “special legislation” can apply –

..more detail, and Aussie’s biggest story of the year:,-whats-the-story-with-this-dual-citizenship

Same point, another nationality:

There is upset at vote disparity being revealed and the privilege challenged. Those with it of course want to keep it, but must see the light. By being exposed to it, full strength. A colonial hangover frustrating democratic progress, vote disparity expresses and entrenches greater power of an elite few, at the expense of the many. Its advocates are not concerned with people and place, but position and economic advantage. It is high time the party advocates of importing skills to suppress local populations and increase group parliamentary earnings were efficiently brought to book. Time for CHANGE !

“dual citizens are currently welcome — with a few caveats and clauses — in the parliaments of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, among others”

To be continued…

Remember that tracks will be covered:

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