The price of preparedness

Spreydon-Cashmere community board? = Spreydon-Cashmere presbyterian fraud.

A breakthrough in learning for Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, at its south:

The reason there is so little community disaster preparedness (as evidenced east of the city, before and since destructive 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence) is the same reason communities cannot build disaster preparedness for themselves – corrupted local government connections. In this case, a mutually reinforcing monopoly between church (presbyterian) and state party (Labour) over community affairs; that is, an entrenched funnelling of funds, for power maintained over communities. – A last gasp of cruel redundant ideology, finding function behind venal and dangerous social dictatorship?

Let us recall the anti-democratic tradition, of Labour’s highest hour, when they cancelled the 1942 general elections and formed coalition government with the nationalists – under presbyterian leader PM Peter Fraser. The die had been cast. Now we have history. Unfold.

Worse earthquake disaster lays not far ahead for the South Island, Te Wai Pounamu, around the Alpine Fault expected magnitude 8. This is well known. Lives are at risk so long as communities are thwarted – for corrupt political reasons – in their preparedness planning. This is plainly unacceptable and a crime against more than good sense.

A number one issue of this year’s elections is the clear and present danger that the Labour-church money-go-round poses to the well-being of all people.

When presbyterians robbed the Cashmere Residents’ Association in 2018, it was to profit from our reduced resilience. Sickening. They had ostensibly been partners in building resilience up here, through joint planning and exercise, but it was only to inveigle trust for the robberies soon to follow. Church minister, residents’ secretary, school principal – all are implicated in the Labour Party hostility, towards Cashmere community preparedness to thrive and survive, a diminution of security for all of the families here. Great SHAME!

In the background of rabid local Labour madness is the Landmark Education Corporation cult – see Aggressive community robberies en-trained. e.g. Through demolition of community commercial pushback, by the Barrington Issues Group around Barrington Mall – by Labour-presbyterians so they could: a. relieve any real community pressure upon corporate decisions, and b. take all the ‘action’ credit (for actually achieving nothing): Petition Handover and the latest. Vicious acquisitive frauds, empty aggrandisement, the lot of them.

[Draft, more words to come…]

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