Climate Action Now!

Community Voice campaigns for councils to encourage and support innovation, in the technical space assisting growers on the land, to honour the demands of climate emergency. Reduction of fossil fuel and nitrogen fertiliser use, balanced by increased capture of atmospheric carbon and energy from the sun, is the only sustainable path we have for staving off accelerated and destructive, dangerous climate change.

All must learn to contribute to a global shift along these lines, somehow, or most life on Earth will soon be cooked, drowned or toxified out of existence. Machinery in use must transition to renewable energy. Coal, oil and eventually gas, must all stay underground to increase hope for a prosperous future.

Consumption is already affected by imbalance in the human energy system, outrunning resources, tending towards collapse. By acting together, humanity can manage a transition to sustainable consumption, or face an imperilled future of divided nations and wars over shrinking natural resources.

Russia wildfires linked to climate change, claims meteorologist – TV1 News, 3 Aug 2019

July 2019 breaks records as world’s hottest month – Newshub, 6 Aug 2019

July 2019 Was Officially the Hottest Month Ever Recorded – Democracy Now!, 2 Aug 2019

July Was the Hottest Month in Human History “The climate disaster isn’t coming. It’s here.” – Rolling Stone, Aug 2019

The last five years were the hottest ever recorded – National Geographic, 6 Feb 2019

2018 fourth warmest year in continued warming trend, according to NASA, NOAA – NASA, 6 Feb 2019

Kia ora, kia kaha.

[Draft, more words to come…]


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