Zero-waste campaign

Too much stuff goes to landfill with no recycling option. In many cases the answer is not to make or buy it in the first place. All Earth resources are under pressure, oceans have plastic rubbish accumulating, landfills take precious space and are a hazard to surface and ground water and coast – as at Fox River – so we must show full leadership for Less Is Best. Environmental values need protection as high priority, with careful, sustainable economy.

In this light, CommunityVoice.NZ 2019 work shows the way – with no new billboards or paper-based information made – a 100% waste-free, meet-in-person / online campaign.

Please support our zero-waste campaign, by hosting a 100%-recycled Community Voice billboard. Please get in touch via the Contact page – for better Canterbury management!

Rik Tindall flier p1 Aug16 ZW19 scaled.5

New Zealand trade and industry is due a quantum shift in sustainable product – from the paddock to the plate and everywhere in between, especially packaging and freight. We have everything we need, technically, to provide a global leadership contribution the world sorely needs right now, working with our primary base to fix carbon and nitrates. For peace, climate and resource preservation, it is our utmost duty to pitch in and help. So that we will not need more noxious landfills in future.

Our 100%-recycled (only more relevant) flyer reverse is: J024123 - Rik Tindall A6 Election Leaflets 2016
J024123 - Rik Tindall A5 Election Leaflets 2016

Read more about our productive principles at Sustainable Canterbury blog. Kia ora.

Pine trees, including wildings, can be used to replace coal in concrete manufacture.

Too much stuff is a problem dividing communities, when Group fighting West Coast waste-to-energy plant has blunt message: ‘Don’t bother’ – Stuff, 20 Aug 2019

Scaled solution: Junk Run calls on companies to stop throwing out so much stuff – Stuff, 12 May 2019, on Junk Run Auckland-wide + RNZ story 21 Aug 2019.

Blenheim council candidate says election billboards are a ‘waste of space’ – TV1, 23 Aug 2019

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