2019, the Our Water Our City campaign of 2010 merges into CommunityVoice.NZ – that seeks election to represent Owhanga, South Christchurch at Environment Canterbury.

A long history of public concern and protest surrounds our emergence in 2007 as Save Our Water. Aquifer tainting and depletion are dangers we campaigned on then and were successful with, to some extent, until a change of central government brought regional coup. Since then, water bottling for export emerged, shifting the primary focus of protest.*

CommunityVoice.NZ gives air to all these concerns, more broadly with the full range of democracy and sustainability issues pertinent to Canterbury.

Please see our contact page to find out more or offer a billboard space etc. to help.

* A broad summary of southern-NZ water protest chronology, is [draft in progress…]:

river action start – fly-fishers & kayakers, Forest and Bird
Malvern Hills Protection Society – 2000
Water Rights Trust – 2001
Sam Mahon – approx Hurunui
WEcan – 2004 ECan campaign – independent/Green
Living Rivers Coalition – 2004
Water Wisdom – approx Hurunui
Orari River Protection Group – 2005
Save the Wairau River – 2006
Save Our Water – 2007 ECan campaign – independent/Green
Canterbury Water – approx online network
It’s Our City Inc – 2009 ECan coup response Water Wisdom
Our Water Our Vote – 2010 ECan coup response – Labour/Green
Our Water Our City – 2010 Save Our Water
various – approx towards Anti-fracking declarations
Sustainable Canterbury – 2011 Save Our Water
Save Our Rivers – Canterbury – 2016 Greenpeace
Bung The Bore – 2016 Ashburton
Protesters send message to Environment Canterbury: ‘Save our water’ – Mar 2017
Save Our Water South Island – 2017 Otago
Aotearoa Water Action / AWA & Bottle-off – 2018
March to Save Our Water – 2019
Does Christchurch care about the future of it’s water? The Star, 30 Jul 2019
various – Aug-Oct 2019 ECan / council campaigns

Kia ora, kia kaha, waimarie.

https://OurWaterOurCity.org – 2010 campaign:

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